The Smartest Thing She Had Gotten As A Gift

Yesterday we went to got our graduation photos taken for our yearbook. It was fun but I hate my photos to be taken unrealistic way. I love taking photos but don’t really enjoy others taking my photos. After that we went to shopping. I bought some cute stuff and I had got these low-cut court shoes from Zara yesterday as a gift from my boy A. I really loved it. I had my eyes on it when I tried them at Zara with an amazing dress. Finally I got the dress on sale and the shoe came as a gift. Its color is like blackish grey. Its height is 12,5 cm/4,92 inches.

What do you think of the shoe? 

1234   12345

I also found Sephora – Mineral Loose Powder Foundation on sale and tried it on the store. I liked it. I was looking for an easy and light product for me. I think this totally fits to that. Have you ever used it? Please share your best beauty products!




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