The Smartest Thing She Had Wished To Buy – Pop With Colorful Pumps

It is a rough day. It started really good actually. I made a new CD for the car last night and came work listening to it. It was fun, traffic was good. I came to work without any problems. However my day turned from “wow happy day” to “it sucks it sucks”.

Anyways today I combined an outfit that is casual yet the shoes make it pop. They are fun. They make the outfit playful, sexy, feminine and energetic. Don’t you think they are pretty cute.

Have a wonderful day!



First Look

Basic Neppy Tee $28

Moto Bleach Slim Boy Fit Jeans $84

Shoemint Mia $79.98 $39.99


Knotted Flower Stud Earrings $11.50

18 x Indian Wow Bangle Set $23

Pink Berry Watch $50

Bloom Applique Flower Pouch $62

Second Look

Sleeveless Zip Peplum Top $36

Moto Vintage Lacey Rip Jeans $84

Shoemint Mia $79.98 $39.99


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