The Smartest Thing She Had Done

Hi everyone! I started this “The Smartest Thing She Had…” blog to share my ideas, my inspirations and many more things 🙂 Blogging is one thing I really want to do. I hope this time I will succeed.

I want to start my blog with an important topic. “Friendship”. We are stronger and feeling better with our friends. Most of my best friends are far far away. I miss them too much. Sometimes distance makes harder to continue on a friendship. I want to share the past two days that passed really interesting.
I talked with two of my old best friends. They don’t know each other and it was weird for both of them to call and message me one after the other. I felt like am I dying or something. After we started living on different cities and even countries we stopped talking because of many reasons we don’t even remember. However we started talking like we never stoped talking and nothing happened in between. This is a weird thing between best friends which doesn’t exists between lovers. Whatever happens you never feel like you ever had a problem and continue wherever you left.
It is hard to find genuine friends. So keep your friends closer and don’t let small things get in between.
I deeply love them. Sending my love to D and Y. Hoping one day after they read, it will make them smile. 🙂
Special thanks and love to my boy A for his support and existence. Last but not least many more love to both Es of my life.

Hoping everyone had or will have a great day with their lovers, families and best friends!




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